Providing you with the skills to create high-quality e-learning solutions

Delivered over 3 days, this workshop will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to confidently design, develop, assess and evaluate e-learning and gain a Level 4 Professional Development Certificate in e-Learning.

By attending this cutting-edge workshop you will be able to apply proven instructional design methodologies to develop pedagogically effective e-learning.

The workshop is an intensive, hands-on training experience. The number of places will be limited to allow you to work through your own specific e-learning issues and questions with the Consultant Trainer and complete the work required for your qualification.

Programme Structure

The programme is modular in design, made up of four specialist units. Each unit is worth 40 credits at level 4 assessed during the event.

Design e-Learning

Practical, problem-solving approaches to designing pedagogically aligned e-learning across diverse levels of learning and teaching.

Key Unit Areas

  • Key educational concepts and their impact on e-learning design
  • Learning needs analysis, learner profiling and learning styles
  • Instructional design for e-learning
  • Critical evaluation of e-learning activities
  • Blending directed, guided and self-directed e-learning
  • Aligning delivery methods to learning outcomes
  • Scaffolding higher level e-learning
  • Constructing a realistic e-learning design brief
Develop e-Learning

Develop and blend e-resources to meet learning goals under modern pressures and to develop action based e-learning at suitable levels.

Key Unit Areas

  • Optimising learning through complimentary media mix
  • Script scenario based e-learning combining top order skills including analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Develop individual, group and team working skills based around real world scenarios
  • Create engaging, realistic scenarios that underpin active learning approaches online
  • Implementing directed, guided and self directed approaches to e-learning
  • Develop a prototype e-learning package that will engage learners using action based, multi-disciplinary practical exercises that transfer to real-world activities
Assess e-Learning

Align design and development with authentic, realistic assessments to provide frameworks for assessing learners, to get the meaningful results you need.

Key Unit Areas

  • Pedagogic fitness of assessment methods and techniques
  • Aims analysis and learning objectives in assessment design
  • The role of feedback in developing successful learning
  • Using assessment blueprints to design online assessment
  • Aligning online assessment to the learning situation
  • Designing effective online assessment to develop learning
  • Providing effective online feedback to aid learning through a range of methods
Evaluate e-Learning

Build well-structured evaluation frameworks allowing you to monitor the successes and shortcomings of your e-learning projects, adapt to the learner's needs and deliver the best experience.

Key Unit Areas

  • Quantitative and qualitative techniques for measuring the success of e-learning
  • Evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness of e-learning
  • Implementing an evaluation process for e-learning sessions
  • Critical evaluation of participant feedback for a selected e-learning intervention
  • Summarising feedback trends and make recommendations to improve e-learning
  • Using analysis data to improve e-learning interventions

Who is it for?

This course would suit those looking for a comprehensive e-learning workshop, and a qualification. It will also complement the skills of anyone involved in the design, development, delivery, implementation, support or management of e-learning.

The video below captures the thoughts of a group from local colleges on their experience of e-learning essentials.

Scheduled workshops

The 2019 autumn programme at Newcastle University Centre for Professional and  Executive Development will be released soon.

Onsite Workshops

e-Learning Essentials is available as an onsite workshop across the UK, Europe and further afield. Contact Danny for a quote.