Too much e-learning is linear, unimaginative and uninspiring leaving learners bored and disengaged.

It should challenge and engage learners through  creative thinking, independent working, invesigation and problem solving.

Its all in the design, we'll show you how!

"Danny is that very rare thing in e-learning training. Someone who puts his money where his mouth is, with real examples and practical tips and really knows what he is talking about."


Too often organisations are sold the idea that technology will solve their e-learning problems with predicatble results.

Creative e-learning requires a change of mindset not the latest technology gizmos.

Danny will bring the latest development ideas to life without a technology pitch.

"Danny brings a healthy dose of pragmitism to the practice of e-learning development, hopefully enabling us to build stuff our learners won't hate us for."


Even the best in house experts sometimes need a different slant.

Danny's inspiring and innovative approach has revitalised e-learning for organisations far and wide.

He won't tell you what you want to hear, he'll tell you what you need to know!

"Provided an excellent understanding in how to develop focused, engaging and educationally sound e-learning which will be of major benefit to all the designers who attended."